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This project is a limited renovation of an existing, occupied historic (1916) building broken down into eight phases totaling 75,000 SF. This project requires relocation of occupants at the start/completion of each phase to different locations. Care must be taken when coordinating relocation to ensure that all telephones, computer networking and security systems are forwarded properly. The health services building has a card access security system that restricts access points based upon security clearances.

Aside from the safety, noise and clean-up concerns associated with working within an occupied building, many children are in and out of the facility daily, this creates the need for constant diligence in ensuring the work areas remain sufficiently marked off, protected and monitored.

Owner: Warren County Board of Commissioners
Architect: Architects Associated
Amount: $1,480,280.00
Location: Lebanon, OH
Start Date: 05/31/2006
End Date: 05/30/2008

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