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Part one of the project involved constructing an outdoor theatre build upon a man-made island in the middle of a lake.

Part two of the project involved the erection of a 62-foot tall sculpture of Christ.

Before work could begin testing revealed unsuitable soil conditions, as well, the island's form had previously been constructed using block which would not support construction. The lake was paritally drained, the existing island structure was demolished and the unsuitable soil was removed. Suitable soil was found, compacted and mixed with a strong clay base to help seal the pond and the island. Steel bridges, which supply the only access to the theatre, had to be cut and welded. The facility is equipped with restrooms, lighting and electric to accomondate concert equipment.

The sculpture, comprised of concrete, a steel sub-structure and a fiberglass shell was created off-site and shipped in multiple sections to the job site.

Owner: Solid Rock Church
Amount: $772,000.00
Location: Monroe, OH
Start Date: 11/10/2003
End Date: 06/25/2004

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